I’m a strategic thinker and creative problem solver. My job is to consider all points of view, yet come with a fresh perspective. I’m also an avid traveler, a studio artist, a cellist, a burrito addict, a dog’s best friend, and a total night owl. I’ve spent most of my life in Seattle and New York, but I’ve recently relocated to San Francisco.


User experience design, product design, prototyping, wireframing, content strategy, copywriting, storyboarding, illustration, pitch strategy, technical requirement documentation, WordPress, HTML, CSS


“Natalie is a skilled information visualizer and designer. She has a great natural design eye. Her sketches are clean and clear, and have a great minimalist style to them. Her wireframes share this minimal style and clearly communicate her concepts. Natalie is a great collaborator and works wonderfully with her team to push their designs and process.”  –Pete Knocke, Huge Inc.

“Natalie is strong in developing the work, articulating the work and having a smart point of view, while still being collaborative with the client. Meticulous attention to detail as well.”–Erika Hearn, Huge Inc.