For the last year, I’ve been entrenched on-site at Apple in Silicon Valley. Apple is a notoriously secretive company, and I’m not free to show or discuss my work with them. However, if you just keep scrolling, I’ll explain in broader terms what I’ve learned there.


What I've learned at Apple.


How to execute and iterate under tight deadlines.

Apple is world-renowned for their unwavering attention to detail. Designing for them means keeping up to date with ever-changing interactive and design standards and systems, and delivering pixel-perfect design (yes, even wires!) under tight deadlines.


How to design interfaces and interactions for all.

Apple’s dedication to accessibility makes them the industry leader. Consideration for all types of disability goes into every design and development decision they make. Working under their guidelines, I’ve learned how universal design works, and how to incorporate it into my interaction explorations.


How to present to executives and developers.

Being a UX designer at Apple means you have a foot in both the design and development worlds. In my time there, I’ve given presentations arguing the viability of technical strategies required in a project, in order to facilitate decision-making among top Apple execs and senior developers.

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