Huge is an international agency representing 16 offices around the world. Their employee intranet was a piecemeal depository of articles, and did not reflect the needs and interests of all employees across the network.

Insight #1

Engagement was low because of dry content and disorganization.

Insight #2

HR and Office teams were wasting a lot of time answering questions available online.


Together with my fearless teammates Rachael Feinman and Marcos Rodriguez Cavalho, we set about our task of deciphering, reorganizing, and reprioritizing the information. Across 93 articles and 7 different content types, content needed to be refined and redistributed. Categories needed to be reduced and focused.


I thought we needed to get to know our users better, so after many user interviews and user testing, I designed a user journey that illustrates how the average Huge employee may use the Intranet and our new product Hugebot throughout their career at the company.

Huge is a vibrant community built on collaboration, and we needed to harness that power. Even the best employee intranet could not compare to connecting with another coworker and having a conversation. So, each topic lists the "People Who Know", so you always know who to connect with.


A few weeks before due date, we had developed a design system that made sense, looked great, and took employees' feedback to heart. But we wanted to keep pushing. That's when HugeBot was born.


HugeBot is an AI concept in the form of an SMS bot that employees can text myriad Huge-related questions, and receive information from both the AI database and live Huge HR staff. It was the solution we were looking for – infinitely more accessible, playful, useful, elegant.

My team presented this idea at the final days of our Huge School internship, and a year and half later the smart people at Huge launched AI bot “Dakota.”


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