Sidewalk Labs is an Alphabet company that focuses on urban innovation. This project is a blog concept focused around the idea of "living documents."

Insight #1

We need a flexible design system that can accommodate many updates over time.

Insight #2

We can build community around a topic by making it simple to follow a discussion among many contributers.


The field of urban innovation is constantly evolving, both shaping and responding to the way society interacts with technology in an urban space. Thought leader Sidewalk Labs sought to create an environment where top people in the field could spark and develop conversation, showcase the latest innovations, experiment and test theories and ideas. My project explored the design system needed to be flexible enough for myriad content types, revisions, version tracking, collaborative content, and public dialogue.

The resulting wires above seek to give order to adaptability, yet reflect the same sense of serendipity one experiences in an urban environment. It provides a space for experts to come together on a topic, to push ideas further and create opportunities for innovation.

Note: This is an exploration for a pitch.

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